Only A Penny



Could only a penny make a difference in your life? Maybe not, but it did for an immigrant Lebanese mother and her six children growing up in Houston during the Great Depression.

“Only a Penny” is the story of a family who crawled out of profound poverty and into prominence; as told through the eyes of the oldest son, Ralph. His five brothers and older sister, Juliette, sold flowers, papers, homemade Syrian bread; anything they could to keep their family alive. They relied on each other and developed an enduring bond that flourishes even today. God, family and country formed the foundation for these Arab immigrants whose goal was to assimilate into the American culture of freedom. From the depression, through the war, and finally to post-war prosperity, we follow Ralph, his mother, Libby, and the other five children as they struggle and grow into a Lebanese-American family recognized nationally.

“Only a Penny” is an American story that resonates within all of us.