About The Authors




John and Sharon share many loves and talents. Writing is only one of their passions. Good food, great Bordeaux’s, Burgundy’s, traveling, adventure, creating ideas and taking them to fruition. One of those ideas is “SaveIt”!  A mobile app for Android users (soon to be in the iOS market). SaveIt gives you the ability to save and organize all your text, voicemail and photos to folders that you create. The ability to search for important or treasured items thru date, word or folders. Finally you can keep everything in one place, organized and easy to find.

In their many travels around the world, they enjoy dining at restaurants that are the city’s delight. Never a chain. Clean, healthy food with a great bottle of wine.  Hence they started platateglobal.com.  Next time you are in Paris, Rome, Houston, Austin or many other cities, go to www.palateglobal.com to dine at the restaurant that is the “Flavor of the City”

They have identified their next book “The Thunder of Hoofs”. This is the story of John’s father, John Robert Evans, II who was a collegete Polo Star in the 40’s.  It is an incredible story of Polo in the United States and its glory.