John Evans

johnpicJohn Robert Evans III is the author of Catalyst, a fictional novel about greed, explosions and death in the chemical industry and those events which catalyze changes in our lives. John is also the co-author of Only a Penny, the biography of a young Lebanese immigrant who crawled out of abject poverty and into national prominence.

John is also an acclaimed sculptor with a portfolio which include busts, full figures and reliefs. His sculptures range from American Indians to Contemporary. John also is an athlete and  an incredible chef.

John Evans holds a bachelors of science in chemical engineering from the University of Colorado and a Masters of Business Administration from the University of New Orleans. Mr Evans has worked in the chemical industry for over 25 years and is currently the Global Director of environmental Affairs for a Fortune 50 company.

Fun Fact: John was also a Collegiate tennis star and ranked number 1 in the state of Colorado and as an older adult no. 3 in the State of Texas. John’s father was also an Collegiate star in American Polo in the 30’s,